Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Family Blog...Now Write!

Today I received a phone call from a missionary companion of Uncle Fred's. He found my name through my blog, looked up my name in the phonebook, and found me, so I then helped him get a hold of Uncle Fred.

All because of my little blog.

The world is getting smaller and our family is getting bigger.

If we don't write this stuff down, people, we'll forget, and the stories will be lost.


Don't we want out grandkids to know that we loved each other, but also hated each other at times, like all good siblings in a family?

Don't we want our posterity to know about such infamous stories as:
  • Dad and Mom doing the African Dance Ritual at a Lewisville Junior High pep rally and Mom losing her serong in the process.
  • Doug being the leader of the Minico High School Marching Band when they threw down their instruments and played their kazoos?
  • Amy wrecking her car while making-out with "Elder Smedley?"
  • Brian breaking his bones falling into Cauldron Linn?
  • Kathy wrecking the family car seconds before our annual fishing trip to Silver Creek, and Dad somehow blaming it on B.J.?
  • Cindy ruining not one, not two, but three cars over the years from driving backwards while under the age.
  • B.J. using the trampoline and the teeter-totter to launch himself over the tree and breaking his arm in a ZZ Top formation?
  • Mary spending her senior year in Germany?
  • Hetty taking care of the three-legged cat?
  • Wayne giving the Convocation address at the Burley High School non-denominational high school graduation celebration?
  • Edward living alone with Mom and Dad and the animals?
As discussed at the bi-annual family reunion, I have been commissioned to start our official family blog. I can't wait to hear your stories from your points of view.

And include pictures, like the following:

Competitors in the Spudman, July 2012
The grandkids, all 23 of them.
Kathy, Sadie, and Dad

The middle children: 5, 6, 7, 8, and Chrystel

Finding your first best friend in your cousin: Lehua and Kembrie.

Mom and Dad with all the kids.

Mom and Dad with the boys.

Brian in his Wildcats Spudman outfit.

Mom, Amanda, and Cindy prepare for the swim.

Doug goes shirtless before the swim.

Mom, Amanda, and Amy waiting nervously for their wave to start.
More to come...eventually.

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